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Wedding floristry
In 2021, weddings will be completely different from all previous years. Small companies, open locations or large spaces, zoning, distance - all these innovations have affected the trends in wedding floristry.
May 22-28, 2021
Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 17:00

The session is held at the school of florists-designers "ART HOUSE" and lasts 5 days, usually from 10:00 to 17:00 with an hour break for lunch. The first hours of each day are more devoted to the theory. We talk about the nuances and peculiarities of floral works creation, work with color, the basics of composition, what materials and tools to use and so on. Most of the time in the classroom is devoted to practice.
Our approach
6 hours of theory and 24+ hours of practice
8-10 independently completed works based on the results of the course, which you can take with you
Professional photo session of final works on the final day of the session
Creative atmosphere and communication with coffee breaks
Session certificate

Topic 1. Wedding bouquet: season, features, character and mood
Topic 2. Ceremony area
Topic 3. Non-standard design solutions, taking into account changes in the surrounding context
Topic 4. Wedding table
Topic 5. Modern approaches to design
Topic 6. Car decor
Topic 7. "Underwater" stones and features
Topic 8. Floral accessories for the holiday and other highlights of creating a conceptual wedding
Course topic

How are the lessons going?

Works of our students
We believe that skills and abilities come through practice. Therefore, during the session, most of the time, students independently create about 10 works, most of which they can take with them at the end of the session.

About certificate

At the end of the session, each participant is given a certificate. To obtain a State Certificate, you must pass a full cycle of sessions on various topics (all included in the course "Professional Florist") and pass the final exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, the student will be issued a certificate with an individual number (based on the License of the Ministry of Education issued to the school), which is equivalent to the highest level of education allowed for florists in Ukraine.
About teachers
Our school is the one of two in Ukraine that has a License from the Ministry of Education. This means that with us you can get not only professional skills, but also a State Certificate of professional training in floristry.
Alena Balaba
Florist experience 20 years
Specialization: wide bouquets, conceptual designs, gift wrapping art.
Oksana Shtyliuk
Florist experience 16 years
Specialization: minimalistic compositions, conceptual designs and chaotic compositions using wireframes.

What our students say about us

Victoria Luchezarna
I studied at the school "ART HOUSE" during the course "Wedding Floristics" in summer 2019.I liked very much both the atmosphere and the tasks that were put in front of us. We had a very homely and warm atmosphere. Here at school you can bring to life, everything that is unreal that you saw on Pinterest.Then I came again to "ART HOUSE" to prepare a project together. It is good that graduates are given such an opportunity: in practice, on a scale, to realize everything that was in the classroom.If I woudn't have lived in Kyiv, I would surely have visited all workshops even again!
Michael Chudnovets
This is just that place, the school where I finally, totally and irrevocably fell in love) yep!!! I fell in love with the art of floristry! And now I cannot imagine a single day (without exaggeration) without the most beautiful creatures of our planet - Flowers! It's the place where many of my already beloved colleagues grew up! The point on the map that brings up taste and dictates fashion not only in the Dnieper, but in the country! I love you and I am sincerely glad to be a guest, it's like returning to childhood where you are always welcome and you feel at home "
Katerina Knitel
The wonderful world of floristry was opened to me by the "Nature of Emotions" festival: amazing works of graduates, atmosphere, workshops ... Everything worked out, I came to the basics, and ... fell in love! I fell in love with this art, so different in all its manifestations and at the same time so beautiful. So, inspired, I attended several courses continuing my creative path up to this day. The knowledge gained helped me to reach a new level of professionalism in my work. As a landscape designer and decorator, I can now create beauty and harmony both in the garden and in the interior, create a special mood and holiday atmosphere with the language of flowers.

Study with us


Is it possible to get a discount for attending a session or master class?
Yes, you can get a discount if a group of 6 or more of you attends the session. Also, we give an individual student discount if you attend two sessions per month. The terms and amount of the discount are discussed individually.
How can I pay for the course?
Since we are an officially registered school, you need to transfer the payment to the school account, the details we will send you in a message after receiving your registration. The payment of UAH 1,500 is made in advance, the rest is paid on the first day of the session.
    What if I made a prepayment but do not have time to visit / plans have changed?
    Your prepayment can be counted as a part of the payment for any training session within 6 months from the date of payment. The refund option is considered individually. In any case, if you have changed plans, you need to contact us as soon as possible to discuss options and solutions for transferring funds.
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