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Art House School

About our school

Hello! We are Oksana Shtyliuk and Alyona Balaba and we founded the school for florists-designers "ART HOUSE" in 2010 to develop the culture of floral art in Ukraine. Our school is one of two in Ukraine that has a License of the Ministry of Education. This means that with us you can get not only professional skills, but also a State Certificate of professional training in floristry.

Our students
During all years of our presence in the market we have graduated more than 1,200 students, including those for whom floristics is a profession and a daily activity, those who have already obtained certain results in the art of floristry, participating in floristic festivals and working abroad and also those, who missed creativity, experiments and new skills to decorate their homes and lives.

We invite to study with us
People planning to change their profession
and add creativity to your life
Professional florists
who want to improve their professional skills
Event coordinators, decorators, decorators
thanks to new knowledge and skills your events will reach a new level
Friends and families
we will add interest to your everyday life
People who "burn out" at their job
inspiration and fresh ideas are guaranteed
All those who have long wanted to join the world of beauty and flowers
and develop their creative abilities

Study with us

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